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Announcing 3D Coordinate Measuring...


Now SOS Offers 3D Coordinate Measuring Using the Leica TDA-5005 Industrial Total Station and Trilogy software.

Using the new Leica TDA-5005 Total Station with the highest reliability in the market plus advanced, software by Trilogy, SOS offers a new level of accuracy and flexibility.

Accuracy and Portability

Precise Layout

The system's superior accuracy provides the ideal tool for precise position and alignment of transfer line elements. Complex alignment jobs may be performed quickly.Most components can be inspected for level and parallel simutaneously (one inspection).

Align Real-Time

Enhanced tracker head versatility coupled to the Trilogy software, enables quick alignment measurements of large three-dimentional parts. This unique tool provides the operator with real-time positioning (x,y,z) and orientation of the assembly to insure quality results.


• Replaces traditional optical alignment
• Deformation monitoring in civil engineering structures
• All industrial inspections
• First-order triangulation (2 instrument setup)

Typical Applications

• Align machines, gear trains, rollers, and trasfer lines
• Measure tooling, fixtures, chassis. and jigs
• Error map machine tools and robots
• Measure surface contours
• Reverse engineer parts
• Hidden point measurement

Efficient and hightly precise measurements on large objects, components and assemblies
of vehicles, aircraft, machines and industrial plants.

All data are processed in real time and enable dimensions and deformations to be derived immediately.

• Capable of performing traditional alignment
• Dual axis compensators allow instrument to maintain level throughout inspection.
• Take multiple measurements at once (Level & Parallel just one inspection).
• More versatile targeting
• Saves Valuable Time
• Ease of calibration, on site calibration
• Totally weatherproof

Its ability to locate and track a target makes the TDA5005 perform much like a standard laser tracker. Additional tracker-like capabilities make it an ideal tool for extremely large-part inspection and assembly.

Optical Alignment vs TotalStation

Retro-Reflctive targets allow increased mobility in transfer
• Accuracy comparable to traditional optical alignment methods.
* Auto target recognition

• Reports can be generated on site.
• Bluetooth capable- Not hindered by wires.

ComparisonTotal Station vs Traditional
Traditional Alignment Methods
Total Station Methods
Reference to baseline with (2) instruments for time consuming inspection
No specific reference position needed, simple line of sight only.
Level and square with data needs separate instruments and setups
(1) Position for level and square
Hand written notes and sketches
Data Collection
Digital data directly downloaded from instrument
CAD drawings and text generated at offsite location after job is over
Digital data left with customer before leaving the jobsite
Hard copy in binder at mill
Align History
Digital archive in mill computer system

Trilogy Software Makes the Difference...

Trilogy software permits fast, certain and unambiguous measurements with the possibility of immediate corrections.

Advanced feature software provides instrument control, measurement, and analysis for a large array of alignment/measurment projects.

• Allows data manipulation to illustrate various references.
• Copy and paste data from Trilogy to other Windows programs like Excel and CAD.
• Conducts instrument accuracy checks.

Trilogy Statement Of Accuracy
The measurement accuracy of the Trilogy measurement system is most dependent upon the attached instrumentation. Trilogy software has been designed to not be a significant element of the measurement accuracy. Trilogy software calculations are controlled using 32 bit 16 decimal place double precision processing. Overall accuracy of the measurement system is primarily dependent upon instrument accuracy, instrument positioning, targeting, environment, and user ability. A 1000 cubic foot volume (10 ft cube) may have a target measured anywhere within the volume with a polar accuracy of: +- .001 to +-.002 inch using two 0.3 sub arc_sec instruments; +-.001 to +-.003 inch using two 0.5 arc_sec instruments; +-.002 to +-.005 inch using two 1.0 arc_sec instruments. These accuracies are predicated on a two instrument system where each instrument is performing at the stated instrument accuracy, a stabilized NIST traceable Invar calibration rod with the length known within +-.0002 inch total, correct targeting, good instrument positioning with the instruments located outside the measurement volume, and a good measuring environment.Alignment Services Company.

Download TDA5005 Spec Sheet (.pdf file)

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