Our safety manual sets forth the basic expectations regarding safety procedures and requirements for all Straightline Optical Service personnel including regular, temporary, part time, and subcontracted personnel. Compliance with the requirements does not relieve employees of the responsibility to abide by all applicable safety requirements of each particular job assignment as recommended by the customer and/or outlined in the customer’s safety requirements.

Noncompliance with the requirements of our safety policy can be considered
grounds for immediate suspension or termination.

Employee Participation

Each job leader must review applicable safety requirements and hazards with
all employees prior to the start of each job. Additionally, safety requirements
are reviewed at the start of each week for projects running more than
seven days.

All employees are responsible for cooperating with customer safety representatives, as well as, with other contractors performing work at the common job site.

General Conduct

All Straightline Optical Service employees will conduct themselves in a business-like professional manner at all times. Unsafe workmanship, chance-taking or horseplay is not tolerated at any time.

All our employees are safety trained annually and must sign an agreement
acknowledgement form. In addition, all our employees are trained at each mill
site. A toolbox safety meeting is conducted prior to each shift commencing.

All Straightline Optical personnel have completed the OSHA 10 Hr course. All our employees are required to submit to regular drug and alcohol testing.

Safety Record

Since the inception of our company in 1994 SOS has not had a recordable injury.